Bali Spa

Our exclusive treatment techniques were mastered with years of experience at the ‘Sheraton’, the ‘Atlantis Hotel’ in Dubai (recently awarded the world’s best spa), and also the world famous seven star hotel – the ‘Burj al Arab’.

We are proud to offer the same exceptional experience to guests in the Algarve, in a private, personal, welcoming, award-winning atmosphere.

Pure Relax

A massage has both art and science: From mental relaxation to muscle decompression and release of circulation and respiratory systems, the benefits are immediate and unavoidable. At Pure Relax you will find yourself beyond the stress and daily wear and tear your body is subjected to.

Serenity Spa

Discover the award-winning Spa in the Algarve, Portugal. We invite you to explore Serenity – The Art of Well Being at Pine Cliffs Resort! Select an individual treatment to experience tranquility. Discover massages that will revitalize your body.

Book a couples package and surprise your partner with an unforgettable experience. Consult our experts for the perfect recommendation to heal your body and mind.

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Our Reviews

So lovely to walk into an ultra clean / modern - perfect week in the sun!

What a great place! In my opinion worth every penny - not much more in terms of cost than the alternatives...